The JBP Community Cultural Initiative

Posted on September 14, 2011


The Jazz Bridge Community Cultural Initiative  seeks to harnesses the support and goodwill of our community to share the best of Portland with Khabarovsk, and provide meaningful resources to their jazz education efforts.  Through community participation, volunteers and fundraising, we are pursuing the following six cultural and educational projects.

“Amur Suite”

LVJI has commissioned seven Portland jazz composers to create a suite for Jazz Bridge ensemble, which will be performed in Khabarovsk. Based on traditional folk songs from the Khabarovsk region, the suite is inspired by photographs by visual artists from Khabarovsk.  The ensemble will premiere the work in Portland at PKSCA’s “Bridge to Russia” fund-raiser event on October 27th.

Portland Jazz CD Collection

Portland’s jazz radio station 89.1 KMHD is collaborating with LVJI to compile a collection of 50CD’s by Portland jazz artists, representing the varied sounds and styles of Portland’s jazz scene.  This collection will be donated to the jazz program at the Khabarovsk Territorial College of Arts (KKCA).

Video portrait of Portland Jazz Scene

Students in the PSU senior capstone course “The Performing Arts: Understanding Advocacy” will collaborate with LVJI to create a 10-15 minute video about Portland jazz scene.  The video will feature interviews with musicians and jazz community members, musical footage from Portland jazz venues, and a glimpse inside some of Portland’s outstanding jazz education.  This video is expected to be broadcast on statewide television in the region and to provide both information and inspiration to the arts community in Khabarovsk

Jazz Fakebook DVD’s

The Jazz Bridge Project will purchase and donate a set of Jazz Fakebook DVDs.  These extremely useful teaching tools, which include leadsheets to approximately 5000 jazz songs, are easy to acquire in the US, but very hard to come by in other parts of the world.

Aebersold Play Along CD’s

The Aebersold series of play-along CD’s are a staple of modern jazz education, providing high quality accompanying tracks for students to practice hundreds of songs in the jazz repertoire.  The Jazz Bridge Project will seek acquire a complete set of Aebersold play-along CD’s to donate to the jazz program at the Khabarovsk Territorial College of Arts (KKCA).

Jazz Ensemble Teaching Resources

Jazz instructors at Khabarovsk Territorial College of Arts (KKCA) have requested pedagogical materials to assist them in developing a jazz big band program.  The Jazz Bridge Project seeks to acquire and make Russian translations of selected jazz educational resources

The project’s Goodwill Initiative that seeks to share information, resources and expertise to develop long-term initiatives between Portland and Khabarovsk.  Projects currently under discussion include:

Assistance in developing of the first college audio engineering program in the Russian far east at Khabarovsk Territorial College of Arts.  We would offer technical assistance and donated studio equipment from the Portland music community.

The creation of a school that will make music education available to the many underserved youth in Khabarovsk.  We would connect Khabarovsk with the experience and expertise of Portland’s thriving non- profit music education community.

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